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  • Privacy in the Digital Age

    Cyber Baykin hosted a half-day workshop on "Privacy in the Digital Age" for 30 of Myanmar's most popular cartoonists. We discussed the meaning and importance of personal privacy online and how it affects the internet users in Myanmar. The cartoonists learned many new concepts about digital footprint, location tracking, and basic online privacy and security settings. The participants had lively discussions and will each produce artwork to promote online privacy to be published later

  • Cyber Baykin University Tour

    In the first 2 months of 2020, we brought our digital literacy workshops to universities in Mawlamyient, Myikyina, and Hpa-an with our collaborators at Sagarahlakutone.
    We gave a total of 18 workshops and attracted over 2,500 students and teachers, who learned topics on cyber safety, critical thinking in the digital age, and online ethics.
    We were the first to teach them those new concepts and answered many questions form enthusiastic students. Big thank you to the student groups that volunteered to help. it was great to reach out to you all.

  • CyberSmart4All workshops for Myanmar Cybersecurity Month

    Cyber Baykin partnered with Myanmar Cybersecurity Month and conducted workshops sponsored by Facebook to promote cyber safety among youth and parents. We taught basic but important concept of digital footprint and cybersecurity. We shared simple tips to stay safe online such as social media profile settings, privacy settings, and account protection.
    We hope to raise cyber safety awareness among youth and parents of young children.

  • About the Campaign


    To raise awareness about cyber safety and risk in Myanmar, a Myanmar Cyber Security Awareness Campaign is initiated by Dr Lennon Chang (Monash University, Australia) and Mr Ye Thura Thet (Kernellix Co., Ltd., Myanmar).
    The Myanmar Cyber Security Campaign is in collaboration with the Myanmar Ministry of Transportation and Communication National Cyber Security Centre. It is supported and funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the International Cyber Engagement Strategy and the School of Social Sciences at Monash University.

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    Drop us a message below to reach us. Alternately, email us at hi at cyberbaykin dot org.